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As reported in an article written by Shane Vander Hart of Truth in American Education, Jeb Bush less than two weeks ago dispatched correspondence trolling for dollars for his organization Excellence in Education National.

Mistake Number 1: While attempting to sound like a Conservative, the Establishment Republican expressed his alleged concerns about the direction in which our nation is heading in the language of Progressives.

Mistake Number 2 is what Bush, a Progressive Republican failed to address in his trolling for dollars dispatch.


screenshot jeb bush trolling for dollars


While acknowledging a failed education system under the jackboot of the federal government, like a true Progressive, Bush fails to mention that what he is offering is more of the same on steroids.

Moreover, a no point in his correspondence does Bush mention his signature education initiative, COMMON CORE.

So if Common Core is so great, why did Bush who plans to run of president in 2016 deliberately omit it from his dispatch?

My guess is that Bush knows we’re on to him. See for yourself (below).


Source: Truth in American Education, Shane Vander Hart.