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I bet you didn’t even know that Barack Obama had an Ebola czar. Well don’t feel bad, neither did I and like the CDC, it appears that Dr. Nicole Lurie has been doing everything BUT her job. Politics, politics, politics.

Nicole Lurie, M.D., M.S.P.H. is the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR), HHS, the position of which was created after Hurricane Katrina.

According to the HHS.gov website, “her office is to lead the nation in preventing, responding to and recovering from the adverse health effects of public health emergencies and disasters, ranging from hurricanes to bioterrorism.”

So why haven’t we heard of Lurie and why has the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response been MIA these past several weeks during the firestorm surrounding the outbreak of the Ebola virus and its bungling by the Obama administration? (Unless, of course, Americans, the world as a whole is being misled and this Ebola is a hoax as many maintain it to be.)

Lurie, corruption, pay to play, politics and the Obama administration’s lack of transparency is the reason that Americans have had to suffer Tom Freiden, CDC jackass who has been thrust to the forefront.

Putting Lurie on display would re-open a scandal which never gathered any steam in the mainstream media back in 2011 involving billionaire, Progressive political donor Ron Perelman and a no-bid contract for contract for New York-based Siga Technologies Inc. of which Perelman is the controlling shareholder.

Siga received the contract “a $433-million plan to buy an experimental smallpox drug, despite uncertainty over whether it is needed or will work”…. “ through a ‘sole-source’ procurement.”

L. A.Times

The Obama administration official who has overseen the buying of Siga’s drug says she is trying to strengthen the nation’s preparedness. Dr. Nicole Lurie, a presidential appointee who heads biodefense planning at Health and Human Services, cited a 2004 finding by the Bush administration that there was a “material threat” smallpox could be used as a biological weapon.

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Yet, on the Ebola virus, Lurie is MIA. H/t Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist via RedState.

One more thing, just four weeks ago, Siga Technologies filed for reorganization under Chapter 11 in U.S. Bankruptcy Court.


The chapter 11 filing will ensure that SIGA continues to supply Tecovirimat pursuant to its contract with the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), and is able to pursue what it believes is a meritorious appeal of a pending Delaware Chancery Court proceeding….

The petition for reorganization was filed in response to an Aug. 8 ruling from Delaware’s Court of Chancery in a suit that started in 2006. The corporate law court said PharmAthene is entitled to collect lump sum damages, with interest and fees.”

What is abundantly clear is that the Obama administration having its hands full would rather this scandal not re-surface. Thus, it is therefore necessary to keep, HHS, Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response, Nicole Lurie, M.D., in the background at all costs.

At this moment, House Energy and Commerce Committee is holding a hearing on the government’s response to the Ebola outbreak. Nicole Lurie is not present. Why was she not called to testify and why hasn’t she taken on the effort to coordinate preparation for and response to public health threats like Ebola.”

These are the concerns that House Energy and Commerce Committee should also be addressing at this very moment. The fact that they are not is more proof that this whole thing stinks from the top down.

The above is merely the tip of the iceberg. See Hemingway’s article “President Obama Already Has An Ebola Czar. Where Is She?