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Barack Obama plans to wait until after the November elections to announce Eric Holder’s successor.

Tom Perez Secretary of the Department of Labor. possible successor to Eric Holder (screenshot).

Tom Perez Secretary of the Department of Labor. possible successor to Eric Holder (screenshot).

Message: Obama has screwed his fellow Progressives enough already but not nearly as much as he is about to screw Americans and businesses if Obama appoints Tom Perez Secretary of the Department of Labor as Holder’s successor.

Other message: Perez is allegedly so far left that he makes Holder look like Mother Theresa Miss Kitty.

PJMEDIA, by J. Christian Adams

Numerous publications close to the White House have reported that Labor Secretary Tom Perez has emerged as the leading candidate to replace Attorney General Eric Holder. That Perez has a documented and repeating history of dishonesty, racialism, and radicalism shows that this administration feels unrestrained by conventional political wisdom. That the White House is dropping his name before an election should demonstrate to every Republican that Obama is fundamentally transforming politics in corrosive ways that the GOP seems ill-equipped to contain.

So who is Tom Perez?

Perez ran for Maryland attorney general in 2006. But his campaign ended when he was thrown off the ballot for the embarrassing reason that he didn’t practice law.

To Democrats, Perez is the charming, articulate, and politically savvy secretary of Labor. He is the president’s point man on Hispanic and labor issues. But to anyone objective who has paid close attention, Perez is a menace to the rule of law in ways that make Eric Holder seem like a kitty cat….

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The end game is to have Perez who handled all of Holder’s dirtiest jobs in place before the new senate session goes into effect in 2015 so that Obama can skate through the duration of his term pushing through his ideological agenda of fundamentally transforming America. Damn, how much more can we take.