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BeFunky_null_6 Bobby Jindal

EAG News, Kyle Olson

BATON ROUGE, La. – Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has issued an executive order to protect teachers who are critics of Common Core national standards.

The Town Talk reports:

Teachers statewide are feeling pressure from all sides, saying they are overworked and students are over-tested, and now many are saying they aren’t allowed to voice concerns or dissenting opinions.

Some in Rapides Parish are saying they are overwhelmed with work and have no outlet to voice their concerns. It is clear not everyone in the district feels this way but that there is a population that does.

“Many of us feel as though we’re under a dictatorship,” one area teacher said, agreeing to speak to The Town Talk if her name was not used. “We dare not speak out. … The public has no idea how stifled we feel. If we voice concerns, when May rolls around some teachers somehow discover that there is no ‘place’ for them next year.”

According to the paper, one teacher said she was “written up” by school administration for writing a comment from her personal Facebook account on a negative post about the Common Core State Standards….

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Wait to go Bobby. Hope to see you on the map in 2016 and kudos to those teachers who spoke out. H/t Grumpy Opinions.