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screenshot sean hannity anjem choudary


Fox News Sean Hannity went another round Monday night with Anjem Choudary, the UK’s radical imam on the heels of Choudary’s arrest last week in a counter-terrorism raid. As usual, the discussion with the rabble-rouser was heated.


‘Rather than argue — you’ve been on the show twice before — how about I ask you a question, I’ll give you 20 seconds uninterrupted to answer,’ Hannity began. ‘First question, you refuse to [condemn] the beheading of innocent people — James Foley, the other individuals that were beheaded by ISIS. My question is very simple, why would you hold innocent people responsible… for something they themselves did not do.’

Choudary argued the information that is disseminated is “biased” and the terrorists holding people hostage are willing to ‘exchange them….’

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Below is an earlier debate between Hannity and Choudary followed by a CNN interview. Clearly, the barbarian has been on a roll of late.