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BeFunky_null_3 Ferguson Police I am Darren Wilson bracelets

As reported by the Marxists over at Think Progress, the racist, law enforcement hating Department of Justice is infringing upon the liberties of Ferguson police officers (my emphasis).

Christy Lopez, a deputy chief in the Civil Rights Division sent a letter to Ferguson police chief, Tom Jackson, demanding that Ferguson police remove from their wrists, “I am Darren Wilson” bracelets “when in uniform and on duty.”

In addition, the officers who have covered their nameplates no doubt for the sake of security for both themselves and their families, have now been ordered to wear “readable” nameplates in spite of the fact that Ferguson remains a hot bed of hate most coming from the residents and outsiders taking advantage of a crisis that certain factors refuse to let die.

… in response to civil unrest, which gained steam again after Brown’s memorial was burned to the ground on Tuesday, and the use of the slogan “I Am Mike Brown,” officers were photographed wearing the bracelets supporting the officer who killed him.

The DOJ letter sent to Jackson explained that the bracelets contributed to an “us versus them” mentality and “upset and agitated” others.

In a separate letter, the DOJ also said that officers must stop violating name tag protocol by obscuring or altogether not wearing their name tags. The practice, DOJ said, “conveys a message to community members that, through anonymity, officers may seek to act with impunity….”

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As such is the mindset of intolerant liberal whose primary agenda is to keep the fever going to 2016 and beyond. H/t Soopermexican, The Right Scoop.

Friday’s DOJ letter states that despite the need for freedom of expression, police departments should “closely regulate” officers’ appearance. See excerpts below.

DOJLetter to Ferguson Police chief banning I am Darren Wilson bracelets page 1

As far as the Communist thugs at the DOJ attacking the liberties of law enforcement, (i) like it or not, there is such a thing as due process, (ii) just because these men and women put their lives on the line every day does not mean that they should be denied freedom of expression; and (iii) this is the pot calling the kettle black. The DOJ has proven itself to be biased and morally corrupt ideologically and to the point that it is destroying this nation.

There is not one person in the Civil Rights Division who has proven his or herself to be above racism, politics and ideology.