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screenshot UK Islamic extremists Anjem Choudary and Abu Izzadeen aka Trevor Brooks, Muslim convert screenshots


One day before the UK began air strikes in Syria and Iraq, their counterterrorism police squad detained nine men, ages 22 to 51, connected to the Islamic organization, Al-Muhajiroun during several “co-ordinated” dawn raids yesterday.

Of those arrested were the notorious Islamic radical rabble-rousers, Anjem Choudary, founder of, Al-Muhajiroun and Abu Izzadeen aka Trevor Brooks who have ramped up their usual fiery rhetoric more than usual these past months in support of the Islamic State’s caliphate and destruction of the west.


Many of those held across London yesterday have been vocal cheerleaders of the bloodshed in the Middle East….

the operation was launched only after careful consideration of Choudary’s recent public comments against the backdrop of a lifetime of incitement…

All the men were held on suspicion of being a member of, or backing a banned terrorist group and supporting terrorism. The alleged offences, which come under two counter- terrorism acts, carry a maximum penalty of seven years’ imprisonment….

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Just a few weeks ago, Choudary “defended the use of crucifixion, and acknowledged Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as ‘the caliph of all Muslims and the prince of the believers…” in an interview with a reporter from The Guardian.

Last year a report by the anti-racist organisation Hope Not Hate said that the network of groups run by Choudary has become “the single biggest gateway to terrorism in recent British history” and had “facilitated or encouraged” hundreds of young Muslims across Europe to join the more extreme militants fighting the Assad regime in Syria. While the report noted that there was no evidence that Choudary had instigated any terrorist plots, he was, it said, “a serious player on the international Islamist scene”…

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The extremist rhetoric of Choudary is equally matched by that of his buddy Trevor Brooks better known as Abu Izzadeen, a Muslim convert as seen in this 2006 video of Izzadeen mocking the death of those who died on 911.

 Choudary says of ISIS in the following video that “Muslims are actually defending themselves.”

As for those still querying the methods of reeling in future jihadists, I refer you to a tweet dispatched earlier this month by Choudary followed by the last tweet prior to the arrest of this barbarian.



While one can only ask, what took the UK so long, optimistically this is the beginning of the end of England’s pandering to the jihadists. If not, Shariah may someday very well become the law in the UK.