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Obama Syria NOT OS SERIOUS Airstrikes 09232014 BEFORE AND AFTER

Before noon, the morning after the first night of airstrikes over Syria, Barack Obama spiked the football in a press conference that lasted under 3 minutes.

Omitted during the three-minute pat on the back and many news reports was the following: 130,000 Kurds Flee Certain Slaughter While U.S. Ignores Their Pleas.”

The Kurds in Turkey are rushing to aid fellow Kurds in Syria who are battling the Islamic State.

At the same time, those protesting in Turkey and Syria bound are under assault from water cannons and tear gas by Erdrogan’s forces.

Syria is the 7th Country Bombed by Obama, 2009 Winner of Nobel Peace Prize

That is the sound of Obama’s football going flat as Sean Hannity points out(in the video below followed by last night’s reports on the airstrikes in Syria that Obama has bombed seven countries, Bush four.

At 7:01 of the video, Charles Krauthammer mentions the absence of the many nations in Obama’s so-called “we have 40 countries on board” coalition. In addition to Europe, is Turkey (mentioned above) is visibly absent from Obama and the Arab States war on the Islamic State Bashar Assad, Syria.

Another Obama Deception

At 7:58 – 12:27, Col. Ralph Peters exposes Obama’s deceptive nighttime airstrikes, which were designed to “LIMIT terrorist casualties…”

Enter Ambassador John Bolton at 12:44 explains that the timing of Monday’s night’s airstrikes was about all politics and Obama once again placing national security on the back burners (of course). H/t ACRES AND ACRES OF DEAD TERRORISTS!!!! (The Right Scoop)



Not about the threat to the homeland.

Barack Obama went from ISIS being a JV team to both he and his administration stating repeatedly that ISIS is not a threat to the homeland in spite of repeated protestations by his generals otherwise.

Finally settling on the fact that ISIS is indeed a threat to the homeland, an opportunity for Obama who is now using the imminent threat as justification for his “not a war” declaration of war on Syria, endgame removal of Bashar Assad (the exact agenda Obama attempted to push through exactly one year ago but failed because the American people were not behind him.

Leading the charge with Obama are the same nations who unsuccessfully pushed paid Obama to remove Bashar Assad one year ago.

The fulfillment of those terms by Barack Obama tells us that the airstrikes in Syria are a deception to the world, but most of all the American people, a slap in the face to the Foley and Sotloff families and not about ISIS. Thus, in the mind of a community organizer, let’s make this look good.

Enter the Khorasan Group, an Al Qaeda offshoot competing against the Islamic State to attack U. S. soil first.

Coming from one, who as we see from above, has no heart to takeout his Muslim brethren even though they are a threat to the homeland he swore to protect but has 15 ½ months left in office to complete his war against Bashar Assad (you thought I was going to say ISIS, nope) that translates into bad timing and collateral damage for the Khorasan Group and the few hundred members of the Islamic State happened upon in Syria.

The Obama administration has been informing our enemies in advance of any planned moves by the United States. For example, the airstrikes which gave the Islamic State ample time to relocate themselves and their armament in preparation of the airstrikes.

So how are we to believe that they did not mention the Khorasan Group because they wanted the element of surprise on their side? As usual, when the community organizer is involved, I smell b.s.