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The Great Immensity Climate Change BeFunky_Tilt-Shift_2 show closed


Earlier this year I wrote a post about the federal government spending $700,000 of taxpayer money on a musical about climate change entitled “The Great Immensity.”

Well the show went on and as expected, it was a dismal failure so much so that the curtain on the disaster is being pulled ahead of time.

Washington Free Beacon

The Great Immensity, a musical described as ‘painfully long‘ and ‘awkward,’ was made possible by a $697,177 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF).

‘The play, which featured songs and video exploring Americans’ relationships to the environment, opened in New York in April with a three-week run before going on a national tour that was supposed to attract 75,000 patrons,’ FoxNews.com reported. ‘But it stalled after a single production in Kansas City, falling short of the lofty goals outlined in a grant proposal….’

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For starters, what were they thinking to use taxpayer dollars on such a failure? Oh, my bad, throwing taxpayer money at promised failures is business as usual for the Obama administration.