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'Egypt' as a woman in a noose. Image courtesy of Urban Infidel Blogspot.

‘Egypt’ as a woman in a noose. Image courtesy of Urban Infidel Blogspot.

As not reported by the mainstream media, the 29th Annual Muslim Day Parade took place in New York City this past Sunday.

(Sideviews) Egypt Woman in a Noose Display Image :  Urban Infidel.

(Sideviews) Egypt Woman in a Noose Display Images: Urban Infidel.

This year, there were no black flags of Al Qaeda in sight. However, the absence of black flags did little to tamp down the message that with terrorism being the order of the day Islam is not a religion of peace and the Muslim Brotherhood is running the show.

On top of it all, the mainstream media was missing in action.

As reported by Urban Infidel, this theme was “Islam & America Share Common Values.” (Oh, those ideologues, proselytizing in the name of Allah.)



Oh yeah, let us not forgot Muslim Brotherhood thugs toting fake but very real looking firearms. Test run?

Published on Sep 14, 2014 by pakayhall

These guys actually thought they were going to march down Madison avenue brandishing rather real looking ‘guns’. As part of the Egyptian Black Hand Muslim Bro Brigade. Whipping. Hanging. Beating. Death. What a nice family parade meant to celebrate the common VALUES held my Americans and Muslims. Guess the Muslim Brotherhood didn’t get the message. Much more to come after I write my posts and go through videos and pictures. And yes, I know, some kid SCREAMS MOMMA MOMMA over and over and OVER.

For the record, there is no other group in New York City who could have flashed around fake firearms on Madison Avenue on any given day for more than sixty seconds in the company of NYPD without NYPD blowing them off the planet.

Stay stupid, New York. One day those fake weapons are going to be real.

One more thing. Where is the media? Apparently, the streets have to run red with blood before they show up.

H/t Grumpy Opinions.