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A textbook example of #CommonCorePRFail

A textbook example of #CommonCorePRFail

Missouri Education Watchdog

How’s that revamped PR campaign to make the Common Core more palatable to parents and taxpayers compelled to pay for education reform directed/developed by private non-governmental organizations who have no accountability to those parents and/or taxpayers going?

It’s off to a bumpy start for the education reformers. The first casualty of the ‘warmer, more emotional’ Common Core PR campaign is the video from Six One Seven Studios and ‘Grandad Learns About the Common Core’. It caused quite a firestorm on many blogs as portraying an elderly veteran as not very smart on Common Core issues. It didn’t deal with any facts about the Initiative, rather, it sought to dismiss concerns of the grandfather by the teacher that Bill Gates was not going to determine what his grandson read. It was up to the teacher and the student to determine reading materials. That’s the video’s message (other than the fact that the grandfather is portrayed in an extremely unflattering light) in a nutshell: Bill Gates is NOT the boogeyman […]