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BeFunky_Cartoonizer_233 ISIS can cross US-Canadian border via Lake Erie


This is another one of those moments that not only James O’Keefe can pull off but everyone else due to a government while intent on targeting Conservatives remains unconcerned about what creature walks, rides, swims, boat or water ski across our borders.

The difference being is that James O’Keefe is the one exposing the incompetency of a government hell bent on tyranny, sports stats, campaigning, taxing us to death and golfing.

Not only does O’Keefe prove that someone dressed as ISIS can cross the U.S. Canadian border via Lake Erie on a boat, the individual exited the boat in Cleveland, Ohio and entered the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame wearing ISIS garb. No one stopped him, said anything or even noticed.

“and no one seemed to notice the terrorist on board…” (03:21)

“Brits can enter Canada without a visa. It’s virtually an open door…”

More than 1000 Brits have left the UK to take up arms with ISIS. Are you listening America? Adding to that tidbit, people are indeed walking, swimming, riding a bicycle or motorcycle and boating across our borders. How frightful is that thought?

I am hoping that O’Keefe forwarded a copy of this video to “No Strategy” Barack with a note that reads, “While your weak arse was golfing” or better yet, how about to the Muslim infiltrator state simply states, “Your chickens are coming home to roost. Deserving of you but not of America.”