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Oh yeah, during the past several months, Barack Obama has often become enraged at the State of Israel because of its treatment of our junior village idiot, John Kerry.

During the same timeframe, however, the slaughter Christians among others and “not the right kind of” Muslim continues along with the deaths of two American journalist, James Foley and Steven Sotloff. Yet Obama who has not strategy although the Pentagon would be to differ cannot be bothered to work up the energy to become enraged. (Damn Obama and his Muslim family of hardcore jihadists.)

Clearly, the relationship between Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu became strained during the Israel-Hamas war thanks to Netanyahu not taking anymore of Obama or Kerry’s BS who it seems these days has no strategic interest in Israel. Netanyahu’s stand was a long time coming.

Jerusalem Post

Speaking extensively on US relations with Jerusalem since the end of the latest round of peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians last April, and throughout Operation Protective Edge, a candid [Martin] Indyk said at times US President Barack Obama has become “enraged” at the Israeli government, both for its actions and for its treatment of his chief diplomat, US Secretary of State John Kerry….

Peace talks ended in April without any progress after Kerry and Indyk forged an aggressive effort first for a comprehensive peace accord, and later for a framework for the continuation of negotiations, which the US never published….

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In spite of countless acts of terror against people in the Middle East, acts of psychological terrorism against people in the West and the slaughter of James Foley and Steven Sotloff, Obama cannot be bothered to break a sweat about any of these acts committed by his Muslim brethren but he is enraged at Israel.

Blazing Cat Fur

And Mr. Obama—No Drama Obama, the president who prides himself on his cool, a man whose emotional detachment is said to explain his intellectual strength—is enraged. With Israel. Which has just been hit by several thousand unguided rockets and 30-odd terror tunnels, a 50-day war, the forced closure of its one major airport, accusations of “genocide” by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, anti-Semitic protests throughout Europe, general condemnation across the world. This is the country that is the object of the president’s rage….

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Nevertheless, Obama will never allow himself to become en raged over the beheading of children, junior jihadists beheading dolls at ISIS children training camps or the dwindling number of Christians in the Middle East.
ISIS teach children to behead while beheading christian children


Why no outrage, Barack?

Source of beheading of child, Shariah Unveiled.