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screenshot ferguson rioters eric holder


Published on Aug 27, 2014

Rumors can be dangerous things. Did the Obama Administration pay people to riot? Bill urges caution.

Eric Holder’s involvement in such a scheme would not be so far-ffetched considering he’s a race baiter, a thug and in contempt of Congress. Adding to that someone did place ads on CraigsList looking for people to travel down to Ferguson to protest. H/t Gulagound and NoisyRoom.net.

That being said, it is now being reported that the report of Holder paying a gang leader to create chaos in Ferguson is a hoax posted by National Report, a satirical website with no official disclaimer other than people should do their own research posted in another article intended for satire that blew back in their faces.

Excerpt from National Report Publisher Allen Montgomery Responds to Critics of NYPD

…The people of the modern world need to understand and develop the ability to corroborate information and not just accept information as true without further inputs…

Let us be real. The tragedy is not that people believed the satire or that people did not corroborate the story, the tragedy and sin is that we have an attorney general capable of committing such offenses and the fact that if had he done so, while outraged and demanding justice, no one would have been the least bit surprised.