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BeFunky Yezidis slaughered in Kojo by ISIS


One week ago, ISIS gave the Yazidis in the northern Iraq town of Kojo 72 hours to “convert to Islam or we’ll kill you all.” For five days, the jihadists attempted to persuade the Yazidis to convert to Islam but the Yazidis stood firm.

On the final day of their ultimatum, the town of Kojo refused to convert so the bloodthirsty barbarians carried out their threat. In less than one hour, 80 men were shot and killed and over 100 women and girls were kidnapped.


Meanwhile, the resident of a nearby village claimed to have been told details of the bloodshed by an Islamic State fighter.

‘He told me that the Islamic State had spent five days trying to persuade villagers to convert to Islam and that a long lecture was delivered about the subject today,’ said the villager.

‘He then said the men were gathered and shot dead. The women and girls were probably taken to Tal Afar because that is where the foreign fighters are…..’

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Women and girls enslaved by ISIS are presented to filthy, women hating, jihadists to marry rape and impregnate. Their endgame is forced conversion to Islam, to bear a Muslim child and destruction of the “blond bloodline.”

The massacre occurred 12 miles south of Sinjar less than 24 hours after Barack Obama called off rescue missions on Mount Sinjar because he felt those stranded there were no longer in danger.

In accordance with the Obama doctrine: Pretend to give a damn, until you don’t have to.” Because Obama, the malignant narcissist and dirt bag does not give a damn about anyone but himself.