BeFunky civil asset forfeiture

The federal government seized cash belonging to a recently retired senior citizen traveling to the Philippines to live with her daughter.

The Florida woman’s problems began after U. S. Customs at a Detroit airport discovered that the “amount” of cash the 78 year old was carrying (on her person and throughout her luggage) differed from the amount declared verbally and in writing.

Police State USA

….She believed it would be safer to keep it hidden. Safe from thieves or government agents; whichever appeared first. But her efforts to protect her cash failed.

After finding wads of cash in her wallets and carry-on bag, the agents went so far as to remove the woman’s brassiere and girdle to find the rest. In total they seized $40,977 from the woman, which were proceeds from the recent sale of her $120,000 home….

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The federal government released the woman and stole the life savings of a senior citizen under civil asset forfeiture. As usual in the case of government theft civil asset forfeitures, no criminal charges were filed.

Intent on keeping the savings of a 78 year old, a “Complaint for Forfeiture” was filed by the U.S. Attorney’s office on behalf of the DOJ.