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Peaceful Assembly Suspended on Fourth Night of Protests In Ferguson, Alderman Arrested, Two Reporters Detained as SWAT  INTENTIONALLY Targets Reporters

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As reported by KSDK, the crowd was smaller on the fourth consecutive night of protests than it had been the other three on the streets of Ferguson, St. Louis, Missouri.F

Many of those still protesting are outsiders stirring up trouble.

Early Wednesday, the city of Ferguson requested that vigils and protests be held during daylight hours which Wednesday’s protesters attempted to do.

They were met with a heavily armed and more aggressive police state, (70-100 members of SWAT in riot gear) whose marching orders were to squash any protests held during the day or night.


RT ‘…Your right to assembly is not being denied,’ police were telling the protesters before the sudden showdown….‘This is not open for discussion….’



In other words, “Your right to assembly is not being denied” until it has been and even then, it depends on whom one asks.

As one might guess, it went downhill from there. Some protesters threw bottles, rocks and molotov cocktails. SWAT employed urban warfare tactics threw tear gas canisters, smoke grenades, shot rubber bullets and used sound cannons.




St. Louis Alderman, Antonio French who has been out there every night since the shooting of 18 year old Mike Brown tweeting events as they unfold was arrested last night and charged with unlawful assembly and not listening.


Rumor has it that French will be held for 24 hours. The detainment of the alderman served only to make a bad situation worse as news of his arrest spread across Twitter like wild fire. Protesters converged upon the police station to demand French’s release followed by an MRAP.


SWAT Intentionally Targeted Media:  

St. Louis police did not appreciate the media’s presence at ground zero and, therefore, intentionally targeted journalists for their own good (yeah, right). Reporters Wesley Lowery of the Washington Post Ryan Reilly from the Huffington Post were detained and then released for filming officers in McDonald’s, a staging area for journalists covering the protests. At the time of their arrests, the reporters were preparing to file their stories and charging their phones.

With the urgent need to control the message, SWAT ordered McDonalds to close immediately after the arrest of two reporters using its Wi-Fi to file their reports.


Al Jazeera’s media crew making a run for it:


After which SWAT dismantled their equipment.

Prison Planet

Infowars reporter Joe Biggs was shot in the kidneys Wednesday night by St. Louis Co. Police using flash bangs and rubber bullets during protests ….The militarized police, equipped with combat armor and Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles, unloaded on the media and demonstrators near the burnt down QuikTrip gas station on West Florissant Ave. around 9pm Central after someone threw a Motolov cocktail on top of a nearby car wash, lighting it completely on fire….

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What are the odds that last night’s assault on anything breathing by the Missouri police state will backfire, as journalists from all over the country will be tempted to converge upon Ferguson.