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A clash broke out last week in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany after six Muslims armed with knives attempted to remove by force a poster on display in a restaurant inviting people to attend a protest supporting Iraq’s Yazidi community under threat of life from ISIS who say that the Yazidis are devil worshippers.

Three people were injured, one of which was the restaurant owner during the attack.

Some hours later, anywhere from 300 to 500 Yazidis clashed with a large group of Salafists, some of whom were Chechen wearing hoods.

As reported by The Local Europe GmbH:

The police decided to intervene after a large group of hooded people started attacking passers-by in the town centre, with at least one person injured.

Police reinforcements were called in from all over eastern Westphalia, including officers from Bochum and Dortmund, to keep the different groups apart. The police deployment lasted throughout the night and involved well over 100 officers, a Herford police spokesman told The Local….

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Before long, six people were placed under arrest, five of whom are Chechen and one German Muslim-convert.

Gatestone Institute

…According to German media, two of the individuals are leading Salafist operatives who were already being monitored by German intelligence.

A German intelligence official was quoted as saying that one of the Chechens is a trained fighter who participated in guerrilla warfare against Russian troops and who is considered to be “highly dangerous.”

German authorities have long warned of the threat posed by Salafism, a radically anti-Western ideology that seeks to impose Islamic sharia law in Germany and other parts of Europe….

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German Muslim Convert, Jihadist, ISIS, Silvio K

Speaking of Muslim converts, last week German Salafist Silvio K. (above) who is a member of ISIS and suspected of waging jihad in Syria threatened to bomb a U.S. nuclear facility in Germany. Not good for Germany is the fact that Silvio has a huge following of approximately 5,000 to 10,000 Salafists in the country.


German security services said on Thursday the risks posed by Islamist terrorists in the country remained “high” after one extremist threatened to bomb an American nuclear facility in the west of Germany…. Silvio has reportedly threatened to attack the Büchel facility near the western city of Koblenz, where US nuclear weapons are stored….

[Whether its karma or history returning to bite the Germans in the rear, the Salafists are not only “the fastest growing Islamist movement in Germany” they have become the major threat to Germany’s national security.]

Germany’s Yazidi community held demonstrations Saturday protesting the slaughter of Yazidis in Iraq by ISIS. See video below.