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screenshot michael mulgrew aft convention 2014 during debate on Common Core


NY teachers’ union president, Michael Mulgrew, went ballistic last month at an American Federation of Teachers convention during a debate session regarding a resolution on the AFT’s continued support of Common Core.

The already bought and paid for Commie thug mocked andthreatened opposition to Common Core. See video below.

Video source: Ed Notes on Line

After the dog and pony show and as expected the resolution passed with unions siding with their financial benefactors against the concerns of parents and interests of students but then all one had to do was FOLLOW THE MONEY to realize the endgame.

In 2010, the UFT Educational Foundation received a $30,250 grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Its purpose: “ to fund a teacher professional development project that will utilize video to create a portfolio of professional practice, enhance practice and align professional development with the needs of educators.”

In addition, the American Federation of Teachers Educational Foundation received $4,400,000 “to support the AFT Innovation Fund and work on teacher development and Common Core State Standards” from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2012.

The NEA Foundation for the Improvement of Education received $3,882,600 in 2013 from the Gates Foundation. Its purpose: “to support a cohort of National Education Association Master Teachers in the development of Common Core-aligned lessons in K-5 mathematics and K-12 English Language Arts.”

Like I said, bought and paid for and not just that putz, Mulgrew. Randi Weingarten, all of the union leadership are whores for Common Core.


Ed Notes on Line
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – Awarded Grants Database