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Tony Dungy, Image: Wikimedia Commons.

Tony Dungy, Image: Wikimedia Commons.

By Bob Mongtomery, Grumpy Opinions

Tony Dungy? A cad?? Really??? ……..Rush Limbaugh, who was famously vilified by the sportswriting and broadcasting press, unceremoniously removed from the ESPN commentators box and barred from NFL ownership for commenting on a black quarterback’s ability, or lack thereof, mentioned the Tony Dungy subject on his show yesterday and then I read this in the paper today:

Tony Dungy said he wouldn’t have drafted the NFL’s first openly gay player because he “wouldn’t want to deal with all of it.”
All Tony Dungy said was he wouldn’t have drafted Sam because of the issues that would ensue, the distractions, headaches. And now they are out to crucify Dungy.
BTW….Dungy is openly …….Christian.


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