SHOCKING: Woman COMPLAINS After Obama Admin Loses 4-Year-Old Daughter She Smuggled Here ILLEGALLY (Video)



Gladys Lopez entered America illegally without documentation because she thought she would be granted amnesty. Once here, she employed people to bring her two daughters, aged 4 and 17, along with her niece into the country illegally on a fast track from Honduras, according to KGRV.

The three girls made the dangerous trek and successfully entered America without following the proper procedure on June 18. Lopez said she got a call from immigration later that day and talked to her daughter, but that’s the last she heard from her or anybody from Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Now, she’s upset that she can’t find her daughter and has turned to an immigrant rights group to help find her […]

Unintended consequences of Barack Obama’s Katrina. This could have been avoided if everyone entered the country LEGALLY.

Now this woman when it is all said and done will sue the federal government, the cost of which will be borne by taxpayers.

Send these anti-American, freeloading cockroaches back to where they came from.

One final note, why aren’t these coyotes in jail?