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trey gowdy obliterates irs commissioner john kirshonen at irs hearing 06232014_Fotor_Collage



Congressman Trey Gowdy relentlessly hammered IRS Commissioner John Koskinen on the missing IRS emails and on how Koskinen hasn’t personally seen evidence of criminal wrongdoing at the IRS, which Gowdy found particularly outrageous because Koskinen hasn’t read the relevant criminal statutes….

He pressed Koskinen on how he knows there was no criminal wrongdoing. At one point, Koskinen exasperatedly said he’s relying on ‘common sense,’ at which point Gowdy went off and lectured him, shouting, ‘You don’t have any idea of criminal wrongdoing or not!’

When Koskinen dismissed the idea of a ‘conspiracy’ Republicans have thought up, Gowdy shouted, ‘You’re repeating a talking point by our colleagues on the other side!’