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Byblos Niagara Resort Collage



Searching for places to house the “overwhelm[ing]” influx of Mexican and Central American children crossing the U.S. southern border without parents or guardians, government officials scouted out an abandoned hotel in Grand Island, New York on Friday.

Or at least the government thought the hotel was abandoned.

As it turned out, the 263-room Byblos Niagara Resort and Spa was fully booked.

“It looks like there’s been a mistake,” federal agents with the Homeland Security Department and the Border Patrol told the hotel manager, according to the Buffalo News.

“They were thinking the hotel was abandoned and closed,” the manager said….

A simple Google search could have saved the agents the trip the the hotel.

What is clear is that the feds were moving quickly, without giving local authorities much notice…..

Cannot help but wonder if the feds even gave a damn as to whether the hotel was abandoned or not.  Since they failed to give local authorities notice, they might have intended to bully the hotel owner out of his property.  Property grab anyone?  Even worse, Obama administration funding a summer camp for illegal alien kids because oh, they’ve gone through so much? On my tax dollar? Really?

If the federal government wants to fly illegals somewhere, fly them to the other side of the Mexican border.