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In between the slaughter, rape, pillage and warfare waged against Iraq, ISIS and fellow jihadists took the time to troll the White House via Twitter.

Jihadists are mocking last month’s social activist tweet “Bring BackOurGirls” by Michelle Obama’s and Progressive elites with a picture of Michelle Obama holding up the hashtag #BringBackOurHumvees.


Supporters of the Islamic extremist group ransacking Iraq were seen mocking the White House’s hashtag diplomacy with #bringbackourhumvee tweets early this morning.

Middle East and North America photo manager for the Agence France-Presse Patrick Baz said in a tweet that he had seen the #bringbackourhumvee meme on websites and twitter accounts supporting terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)….

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The hashtag refers to weapons such as U.S. M-1 Abrams tanks, trucks, Humvees including Russian-made T-55 tanks abandoned by the last week by Iraqi military and now in the hands of ISIS.

Washington Free Beacon

…Pentagon spokesman Cmdr. Bill Speaks confirmed the weapons transfers and expressed concerns about the captured arms. ‘We’re aware of reports of some equipment—namely Humvees—and the pictures that have been posted online,’” Speaks said in an email. ‘We are certainly concerned about these reports and are consulting with the Iraqi government to obtain solid confirmation on what assets may have fallen into ISIL’s hands…’ Exact numbers of captured arms and equipment are not known. The insurgents raided all the arms depots and vehicles belonging to Iraq’s Second Division, based in Mosul, which included a motorized brigade and several infantry brigades….

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As reported by the Washington Free Beacon the vehicles and weapons obtained by ISIS are en route to the “Nineveh province, in northwestern Iraq, to ISIL-controlled areas of Syria, including the Al Shadadi area and the town of Tall Hamis.”

Adding to that, the Defense Departments continues to deny the likelihood that ISIS has in its possession Black Hawk helicopters and stinger missiles.


While the U.S. never has sold the Stinger or its MANPAD, or man-portable air defense, version, Defense Department spokesman Navy Commander William Speaks told WND the U.S. did sell to Iraq an Integrated Air Defense, or IAD, system, although it remains unclear whether the terror-promoting ISIS had captured that system. To find out which weapons ISIS had captured, Speaks referred WND to the government of Iraq, but requests for comment from the Iraqi Ministry of Defense and the Iraqi Embassy in Washington went unanswered….


The chatter says otherwise and in the event, you are not sure what to think, see below one of the many videos and images available online of vehicles now in the possession of Islamic jihadists courtesy of American taxpayer dollars.

إستيلاء ثوار المجلس العسكري في صلاح الدين على آليات جيش المالكي بعد هجوم وإقتحام لإحدى الثكنات

Translation: Rebels seize military council in Salah al-Din al-Maliki on the mechanisms of the Army after the attack to break into one of the barracks


ISIS vehicles obtained from Iraqi military tweet al baraka


ISIS GERTZ-FEATURE-IMAGE-A-captured-Iraqi-T-55-tank-in-Syria


isis fighter posing with destroyed humvee twitter 002


ISIS convoy led by al baghdadi


isis fighter posing with destroyed humvee twitter


My emphasis on the photograph (below). The Obamas as usual are so full of themselves that they did not see this coming.


bring back our humvee tweet mocking michelle obama d'oh