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A leaked New York State Counter Terrorism Bulletin provided exclusively to Infowars reveals how law enforcement are being told to prepare for increased violence from ‘far-right extremists.’

Published by the New York State Intelligence Center, the document, entitled ‘CTB 14-07: Recent Spike in Violence Targeting Law Enforcement,’ details several recent shootings while warning police to be on the look out for people displaying anti-government viewpoints.

‘Over the last week there have been three attacks – one in Canada and two in the United States – in which law enforcement officers were targeted, leading to the death of five officers and one civilian,’ the bulletin states. ‘Based upon reporting it appears all the suspects in these incidents were motivated by elements of a far right anti-government ideology with a particular fixation on law enforcement.’

The bulletin mentions data from a New America Foundation study that claims 37 deaths since 9/11 were perpetrated by the ‘far right,’ repeating the meme that those within the liberty movement are more dangerous than Al Qaeda….

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CTB 14-07 Recent Spike InViolence Targeting Law Enforce by MikaelThalen