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By Bob Montgomery, Grumpy Opinions

You don’t have to be a big conspiracy theorist or a paranoiac to see a connection, or a common thread, among trends being pushed by the Progressivist Movement at this stage of American history. And by Progressivist Movement, we do not mean a strictly coordinated conspiracy. Marxism, Fascism are not conspiracies, they are movements. Evil in their implementation and their ultimate result, to be sure, but based upon ideologies always created under a “theme” of some Utopian or Utilitarian ideal. It’s only in the aftermath of the implementation of these ideologies, or adoption of these “movements” by governing or ruling factions, when the human tolls in subjugation,misery and death begin mounting up, that people start crying “Oh, my God! How could this happen?”


Two recent articles dealing with trends in education serve to highlight what those of the Progressive inclination have in mind for the commoners…or We the People. And in ‘those of the Progressive inclination’ we include seemingly innocent, normal….

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