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Nogales Power Plant - image flickr/CPS Energy

Nogales Power Plant – image flickr/CPS Energy


By Steve Straub, The Federalist Papers

This is the second attack against the grid in the past few months. While the two incidents do not appear to be related they are a wake up call for us all. Be prepared to survive for up to 30 days or more without power, just in case..

Via AZ Central.com:

The FBI is investigating whether a makeshift bomb placed next to a 50,000-gallon diesel tank at an Arizona power station Wednesday has any connection to a suspicious incident this year at another substation owned by the same company.

New details are emerging from the Nogales, Ariz., attack, which caused minor damage and no injuries.

Contrary to initial accounts, the bomb did not explode. Nogales police Lt. Carlos Jimenez described it as a crude incendiary device that could fit in a person’s hand. It was placed under the valve of the diesel tank and ignited, charring the steel tank.

‘They were able to gain access to the facility illegally,’ Jimenez said. ‘They had some working knowledge of what that tank is or how it works….’

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