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New York Post

Veteran Harlem Rep. Charles Rangel had a decades-long political love affair with the tobacco industry, documents obtained by The Post reveal.

Fawning correspondence between the raspy-voiced Rangel — an ex-smoker now facing a tough re-election — shows he even solicited funds from the industry for the mayoral campaign of David Dinkins.

The documents were provided as part of a tobacco litigation settlement in 1998 and are now public.s….’

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Charles Rangel   Adriano Espaillat    Collage

I would love to say that this is the election that Greasy Charlie goes down in flames but I don’t want to jinx it. Not that the other candidate is any better.

Charles Rangel is up for re-election this year against Adriano Espaillat who nearly unseated Rangel in the last primary.

I would love to say that this is the election where Greasy Charlie goes down in flames but I wouldn’t want to jinx it, not that the other Espaillat is any different.

Espaillat who like everyone else in politic as has no problem with nepotism is under investigation by the FBI for funding provided to community organizations in Harlem.

FBI questioning people about Espaillat’s community-group funding (0406/2013-NYP)

The FBI has been questioning people about state Sen. Adriano Espaillat and his funding of community groups in upper Manhattan, sources told The Post yesterday…

‘FBI agents were asking about member items that Espaillat provided to community organizations,’ a source said, referring to lawmakers’ practice of directing money to their districts….

Espaillat sponsored or co-sponsored almost 100 member items as an assemblyman in the four years before his Senate election in 2010, records show….


Espaillat’s ‘drop dead or move away’ vote under fire

State Sen. Adriano Espaillat’s controversial votes as an Albany legislator more than a decade ago are coming back to haunt him in his bid to oust veteran Harlem Congressman Charles Rangel.

Espaillat, who previously served in the state Assembly, voted for a law in 1999 that scrapped the commuter tax on suburbanites who work in New York City — a move that has deprived the Big Apple of billions of dollars in revenues over the past decade.

The Rangel campaign claimed that Espaillat’s vote amounted to telling his constituents ‘to drop dead or move away….’

Okay, I admit it, I enjoy watching Progressives eat their own. Rangel for the first time in decades has his work cut out for him this election season.

While Rangel has always carried Harlem and his district in the Bronx, these districts have been remapped thus changing their ethnic makeup to more than 50% Latinos. Coincidence?  I don’t think so. (Am I the only one who believes that by remapping Rangel’s districts, a message is being sent?)

Taking that and gentrification into account, Rangel has resorted to doing what Progressives do when in a bind, i.e., gin up support by use of the race card.


pot calling the kettle black 003


Rangel accuses challenger Espaillat of running on ethnicity

Rep. Charles Rangel accused chief rival Adriano Espaillat of running entirely on his ethnicity while blasting his record as state senator during a heated debate Friday at WABC-TV.

‘I hope somewhere during this debate…to try to share with the listening and watching audience just what the heck has he done besides saying he’s Dominican?’ Rangel demanded 14 minutes into the one-hour showdown….

Espaillat shot back by charging that the 22-term congressman was playing dirty politics….

As we get closer to the primaries (June 24, 2014), the nastier this battle becomes.

What is the difference between these two Progressives? Nada. Make they knock each other out with the race card.  Speaking of which, Rangel has a lot of nerve since he never met a deck of race cards he did not like…until now.