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Sloan Gibson VA


As information continues to surface regarding secret waiting lists, the news gets worse.

Acting VA Secretary Sloan Gibson reported that 18 additional veterans left off of the Veterans Affairs’ “official” waiting list died last month. Gibson is not sure if the deaths are relating to the long waiting times for appointments.


…The 18 veterans who died were among 1,700 veterans identified in a report last week by the VA’s inspector general as being “at risk of being lost or forgotten.” The investigation also found broad and deep-seated problems with delays in patient care and manipulation of waiting lists throughout the sprawling VA health care system, which provides medical care to about 9 million veterans and family members….

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The 18 new deaths are in addition to the deaths of 17 veterans reported last month by the Veterans Affairs Inspector General.

A bipartisan deal to expand options enabling veterans to ascertain healthcare services through other venues outside of the scandal plagued Veterans Affairs hospitals and clinics was reached Thursday in the Senate.

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….The bill would allow veterans who experience waits of 30 days or more for VA appointments or who live at least 40 miles from a VA hospital or clinic to use private doctors enrolled as providers for Medicare, military TRICARE or other government health care programs.

It would let the VA immediately fire as many as 450 senior regional executives and hospital administrators for poor performance. The bill resembles a measure passed last month by the House, but includes a 28-day appeal process omitted by the House legislation.

The bill also authorizes the VA to lease 26 new health facilities in 18 states and spend $500 million to hire more doctors and nurses….

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Expect the 28-day appeal process provision to backfire defeating the purpose of termination. Bernie Sanders, protecting big government, is the plan all as admitted yesterday on the Ed Show, ‘We want to improve the VA, not dismantle it.’

lipstick on a pig

In other words, what is being proposed is lipstick on a pig. Nothing will change.

Speaking of which, in follow up to an earlier post entitled, “Obama’s VA nominee supervised hospital linked to waiting lists scandal,” Obama’s Veterans Affair nominee,Dr. Jeffrey Murawsky, Associate Manager Medicine and Neurology Services, Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital Illinois yesterday withdrew his nomination.

Murawsky selected by Obama to succeed Robert Petzel as undersecretary of Veterans Affairs oversees Veterans Hospitals and 30 clinics in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin, some of which are themselves mired in the secret VA waiting list and malpractice scandal.

Chicago’s VA hospital under Murawsky’s reign used a secret waiting list to hide the long wait time of veterans.

In addition and as not reported by the mainstream media, VA hospitals under Murawsky’s charge were among hospitals mentioned in a $200 million settlement that involved (since September 11, 2001) over 1,000 wrongful death cases.

Everyday another shoe drops, so if Barack Obama thought that last week’s prisoner’s swap would distract Americans from the Veterans Affairs scandal he could not be more wrong.