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Edward Snowden Reset the Net
A message from Edward Snowden on the eve of #ResetTheNet

Hey team,

My fingers are trembling a bit as I type this email — partly from exhaustion but mostly from tremendous excitement. Tomorrow we Reset the Net, and start on a path toward securing the web, and defending freedom for generations to come.

Just today, we received a very special message from Edward Snowden himself. All of us at Fight for the Future are humbled, knowing that our huge victories this year mobilizing against government surveillance would not have been possible without him risking everything to expose the abuses of the worlds’ most powerful governments.

I’m pasting Snowden’s statement in its entirety below. Please forward this email to everyone in your address book, and share this far and wide. These last few hours are critical and we need all hands on deck to push Reset the Net over the edge….

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See: https://pack.resetthenet.org/