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Screenshot of Taliban release video of Bergdahl message don't come back to Afghanistan 06042014


A video (below) was released earlier by the Taliban of their turning Bowe Bergdahl over to the CIA as a Black Hawk helicopter waited in the background.

While the mainstream media is reporting that the warning is directed at Bergdahl, it is really a warning to the United States. After all, Barack Obama announced just last week that he plans to pull all but 10,000 or so troops out of Afghanistan.

The full 17-minute video can be viewed on Facebook here. Beneath the video is the following statement in Arabic:

لاماره اردو نیوز
امارت اسلامیہ اور امریکی حکام کے درمیان قیدیوں کے تبادلے کا ویڈیو،جس میں عالمی متکبر امریکی فوجوں کی بزدلی کے بابت امارت اسلامیہ کے مجاہد کاانٹرویو


Lamarه Urdu News

Exchange of prisoners between the Islamic Emirate and U.S. officials video, in which the arrogant cowardice of U.S. troops Mujahid of the Islamic Emirate kaantruyu

Note: After the departure of the Black Hawk helicopter, on the unedited video, the message “Don’t come back to Afghanistan” pops up on the screen.

This above video along with the video of Robert Bergdahl’s Muslim call of victory in the Rose Garden of the White House with a smiling Barack Obama standing alongside will be used for propaganda throughout the Muslim world to recruit future jihadists in pursuit of their holy war against the west.  (See: POW’s Father Declares Muslim Victory Call: Obama Smiles at the Sound of War Cry of Allah)

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