Cesar Chavez for Congress


Progressives are having a tizzy fit over tactics used by 34-year-old Scott Fistler who was originally a Republican but changed his party affiliation to Democrat.

Adding to that Fistler doubled-down by also changing his name last year to Caesar Chavez in the hopes that the name change would garner him more votes from the Hispanic community.

Fistler aka Chavez plans to run for Arizona Congressman’s Ed Pastor’s seat this year. Pastor is retiring at the end of the term next year.

Fox News Latino

Chavez has run for office under the name Fistler twice – once as a write-in candidate for Pastor’s seat and again in 2013 for a seat on the Phoenix City Council – with both campaigns ending unsuccessfully.

When asked by the Arizona Republic why he changed his name to Chavez, the politician cited the need to make voters in the Latino-heavy district feel secure with him.

‘People want a name that they can feel comfortable with,’ Chavez said in an interview with the paper. ‘If you went out there running for office and your name was Bernie Madoff, you’d probably be screwed….’

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Sleazy yes, but (a) Progressives do not own Hispanics and (b) Fistler’s tactics rank right up or down there depending on how you look at it as in line with the tactics of the left.