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Obamacare break eggs Image courtesy of Terrell Aftermath

The Un-Affordable Care Act, the train wreck that keeps on coming.

Imagine signing up for Obamacare only to find yourself denied much needed medications because you were listed under the wrong gender.

Then imagine spending weeks trying to straighten out a mess not of your making.

That is the case of Marion, SC college student Shelby Higdon who although she checked the box marked “female” when registering for Obamacare found herself registered as a man.


… She and her mom have called the insurance company and government multiple times. ‘I’ve called healthcare.gov probably about 8 times,’ says Shelby’s mother Kris Hitt Higdon. Each time they say it’s been fixed. But, when they call the insurance company they get the same response. ‘They couldn’t fix it because they didn’t have the form or the authority to fix it because they hadn’t got the information from the healthcare website to do it,’ says Shelby….

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No doubt, dealing with Healthcare.gov is like dealing with the DMV, even worse the IRS or should I say the VA and it’s just the beginning.

The kicker is that Blue Cross/Blue Shield eventually straightened out the mess but could not discuss it due to patient privacy.

Dog whistle for “under a gag order from HHS.” Barack Obama and fellow Progressives who will voted out of office this fall wants Americans to think that the Obamacare train wreck ended with the departure of Katherine Sebelius.

Not a chance.