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It’s an election year, and if the polls are close to being right, it’s not going to go well for the President, Democrats, or the President’s political appointees.


He's From The Government And He's Not Here To Help

He’s From The Government
And He’s Not Here To Help

.The House has already held Eric Holder in contempt

As a result of the IRS Scandal the House has held Lois Lerner in contempt. There are rumors Maryland’s Democratic Rep Elijah Cummings may get to move from the People’s House, to the Big House. It looks like there may be enough evidence against Michigan Senator Carl Levin to file criminal charges against him for his collaboration with the IRS’ in an attempt to silence conservative Americans.

The push back from America’s parents against Common Core has power hungry politicians from both parties and the Chamber of Commerce terrified..

Worried politicians, political appointees and their staff can be expected to do what they do best, lie and resort to dirty tricks….

For months I’ve been seeing people commenting on various websites talking about paid trolls.. the general assumption was that some big money liberal organization was paying college kids to try and disrupt conversations on Conservative websites. That may well be true, but it’s not something I can prove one way ot the other..

It’s likely members of the GOP establishment are using Chamber of Commerce money to do the same thing.. If the reports are right are right the Chamber of Commerce gave the Republican party something like $50,000,000.00 to silence the conservative movement. It wouldn’t take much of that to keep a small army of unemployed pot heads making stupid comments all day. But again, I can’t prove that’s the case..

What I can prove is that there are government employees both at the state and federal levels who are actively trolling the Internet in an attempt to discredit conservatives.. and anyone else they disagree with..

Last week we found out Dale Wetzler, the spokes person for the North Dakota Department of Public instruction set up and email account using the name “north.dakota.schools@gmail.com” to anonymously send members of the media and the state legislature derogatory information about people opposed to Common Core….

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