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President Obama is one funny guy. You see, he came up with a clever joke at a fundraiser in New York Wednesday evening. Obama told a story about a Brooklyn woman who asked what else she could do to help him. ‘And I said – ‘move to North Dakota,’’ he joked. As the audience laughed, he continued . ‘If I could just get about a million excess votes in Brooklyn out to Nebraska (or) Wyoming, we’d be doing okay – I don’t need 80% of the vote here.’ That might have been hilarious if there wasn’t a decent chance she really wants to move out of New York. If she does, chances are she won’t settle in another blue state.[…]


Obama’s joke was flat. I can attest that New Yorkers are fleeing NYS for red states but most of the useful idiots relocating have no idea that they are relocating to red states. That, of course, is bad for red states being that most New Yorkers are taking their horrible voting habits with them.

Translation: There is not a darned thing funny about New Yorkers fleeing the state.


Image source:  Bob Mack – Be Sure You’re Right, Then Go Ahead.