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Initially, I intended not to enter into this discussion, unless of course my grandchildren witnessed this act of PDA by two grown men. Thankfully, they did not.

However, patriot and fellow blogger, Cynthia of Grumpy Opinions decided to have her say; and regardless of the opinions of the gay Gestapo, this is still the United States of America. We still have the First Amendment (although free speech continues to be put to the test by those demanding tolerance of others while exhibiting no such thing themselves). Thus, I thought Cynthia’s post worth sharing (below).

“The photo of the St. Louis Rams NFL draft pick Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend was splashed all over the headlines throughout the world and will now forever be an iconic image of the immorality that has overtaken the United States of America.

football male pda

As Rams coach Jeff Fisher felt the love from virtually everyone in his midst, exchanging fist bumps and accepting congratulations, one of his younger employees voiced his full support, ‘Such a pimp move. It was, Guess what I’m gonna do? Whatever the (expletive) I want. In the world today, it’s truly impressive. That’s what makes him the best guy to work for, and why so many of us would kill for the guy. It’s very simple: Trust The ‘Stache. It’s big and powerful for a reason.’

‘Such a pimp move, I can do whatever the (expletive I want) so impressive’…sums up the current American cultural situation quite well. This ‘pimp hiring’ by coach Jeff Fisher, who intends to change his locker room standards to make sure that Sam will ‘enter a supportive and accepting environment’ is quite ‘impressive.’ I am sure all Sam’s husky, taut, testosterone torrid teammates feel the same effeminate love as well. I guess Fisher had to ‘impress’ the St. Louis fans with, ‘something’…after all, the franchises non-winning consecutive seasons now totals ten.

Many Americans were revolted by the sight of two men heavily engaged in french kissing on national TV, including Miami Dolphins safety, Don Jones, who was fined, suspended and now…”

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