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sit-at-computer and do nothing



Employees working for Obamacare contractor Serco do nothing for days or weeks at a time, a whistle blower within the company told a local news station this week.

The employees want to work but there’s not enough work to go around, the employee, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told St. Louis, Missouri’s News 4 KMOV.

The employee alleged that Serco is keeping its workforce unnecessarily high to get more money out of the federal government.

‘They want to hire more people, even though we still don’t have work to keep the people that we have busy,’ the employee said….

After it began looking into the initial whistle blower’s claims, KMOV said it found even more employees who were willing to attest to claims.

It also found a post online from someone claiming to be a former Serco employee who said the company ‘is a joke….’


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Serco has three data facilities, Kentucky, Missouri and Oklahoma that are responsible for processing Obamacare applications in spite of the fact that employees working at those facilities have no work to do.

Some employees enter two applications a month if that much yet Serco who has a 12-year $1.25 billion contract with Health and Human Services to process paper Obamacare applications continues to hire new workers.

H/t KMOV-4.