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Action Alert 002

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Yesterday evening I saw a tweet about Google shutting down Weasel Zippers, the site that searches the bowel’s of the Internet so you won’t have to..

Most people visiting here are familiar with site..  I know this because several times a day someone will send me an email, a tweet or post something on Facebook asking me to look at something on Weasel Zippers

My first thought was bull..  Weasel Zippers is a popular well established site that doesn’t do anything offensive.

Well, unless someone thinks finding and reporting news from all over web.. generally with a short sometimes snarky comment is offensive.   They don’t do anything that would give  Google a legitimate reason to shut em down, besides I knew Google didn’t host the site, so they couldn’t shut ‘em down..

I went over to take a look and see what was going on.

I was right, Google couldn’t shut down Weasel Zippers like they did Gates of Vienna a year or so ago.  But they could make it really tough to keep the site open….


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