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15.00 minimum wage

Weasel Zippers

The Chicago workers are unaware of the cost for bullet proof glass to keep them safe. Via A few hundred fast food workers in Chicago on Wednesday voted to join a national one-day strike against their employers on May 15. Strikes are planned for 150 cities, including New York City. The national strike was announced at an event there at midday on Wednesday. The Workers Organizing Committee of Chicago held a strike vote throughout the day, with the last votes cast at an 8 p.m. meeting. Deivid Rojas, a spokesman for the group, said 100 percent of the workers […]


It escapes me as to why these part-time workers are allegedly going along with SEIU’s scheme to bleed them and the corporation of which they are currently employed. (Or are they? Is this union more propaganda while using astroturf to deceive? It would not be the first time.)

The job loss that would come about would be devastating for American workers and eventually bountiful for franchise owners but the unions are already aware of the endgame.

Oh, I get it.  As with the mindset of all union workers, so long as I get mine everyone else’s pain and suffering is on the table.  Except that the ones getting their will be the workers.

Those who stand to gain are the unions, the politicians they fund and the government, all of whom will gain by extorting dues and higher taxes from the worker while at the same time extorting the corporation and franchise owner.

Such an end game would leave the workers, corporations and franchises worse off than before SEIU’s scheme was put into play.

How can these people be so greedy that they cannot see what right there in front of them? Apparently, some are not too educated either or better yet, capable of thinking outside of the box.