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Newsmax (George Will)

Earnest moralists lament Americans’ distrust of government. What really is regrettable is that government does much to earn distrust, as Terry Dehko, 70, and his daughter Sandy Thomas, 41, understand.

Terry, who came to Michigan from Iraq in 1970, soon did what immigrants often do: He went into business, buying Schott’s Supermarket in Fraser, Mich., where he still works six days a week….

Sandy, a mother of four, has a master’s degree in urban planning but has worked in the store off and on since she was 12. She remembers, “They just walked into the store” and announced that they had emptied the store’s bank account. The IRS agents believed, or pretended to believe, that Terry and Sandy were or conceivably could be — which is sufficient for the IRS — conducting a criminal enterprise when not selling groceries….

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The IRS stole $35,000 from the supermarket owner’s bank account. The IRS is not the only government agency stealing Americans blind. Civil asset forfeiture is taking place on every level of government.

Americans assets are being pilfered by government thugs because….well, because, they can.

irs civil asset forfeiture

Wake up America.