Yom HaShoah


Americans Stand with Islrael via Grumpy Opinions

Tonight at sundown Yom HaShoah – Holocaust Remembrance Day begins. Monday morning at 10 am (Israeli time) all across Israel sirens will wail, and for two minutes, the entire nation will come to a halt. Cars and buses will stop and people will get out and stand silently beside their vehicles, as you see in this picture. Pedestrians will pause where they are. The nation will stop to remember the deaths of more than 6,000,000 Jewish people in the Holocaust.


We must Never Forget!!

At sundown this evening, Israel and all Jews throughout the world will have a moment of silence in “Remembrance of the Holocaust”. Within each heart, with heads bowed, we say “Never Again – Never Forget”.

What does “Never Forget” mean?

I believe it means never forgetting the history behind the Holocaust and the seeds of evil that promoted the deaths of over Six Million Jews. It means paying attention today to the propaganda flowing like poison throughout the main stream media, from the evil hearts of men who wish to wipe Israel off the map….


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