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USMC Charlie Delta does not think that Cliven Bundy is racist


Originally posted on The Mad Jewess:

Many Black Americans Come Out In Defense Of Cliven Bundy As Whites Duck & Cover

This black American man (Bundy bodyguard) says Bundy is not a racist and would take a bullet for him:

‘Mr. Bundy is not a racist,’ he told CNN. ‘Ever since I’ve been here, he’s treated me with nothing but hospitality. He’s pretty much treating me just like his own family.’ ‘I would take a bullet for that man if need be. I look up to him just like I do my own grandfather,’ he added. ‘I believe in his cause and after having met Mr. Bundy a few times….

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You know something isn’t quite right when a member of The Black Panther Party speaks out in Bundy’s defense. Wake up America.


Black Marine says Clive Bundy is NOT a racist (The Black Sphere)

Below is what a black Marine has to say about the Clive Bundy comment.

Charlie Delta

The media distorts information to the point of social division. This is a photo of myself and the resilient, often charismatic, and maybe not so tactful Cliven Bundy. He’s a cowboy and a helluva family man, not an orator. One thing he definitely isn’t – a racist. I found his comments to not only be NOT racist, but his own view of his experiences. Who the heck are we to determine another man’s perspective on the world around him?

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Larry Elder called out Sean Hannity who should have known better for wasting not a minute distancing himself from Cliven Bundy.

Hannity Bundy


Bundy Saga: Media Whips Out The Race Card — Even Hannity Falls For It – By Larry Elder

…The way the left slings around the race card has a specific purpose. It shuts down debate. It takes focus off the awful “recovery.” It buys time for more stories about the wonders of Obamacare. More importantly, it keeps the 95 percent black Democratic vote flowing — without which the Democrats cannot win at the presidential level.

Why can’t conservatives who ‘support Bundy’ say: ‘Even if I conceded his remarks were ‘racist,’ it nothing to do with his land dispute. Again, Bundy described the unintended consequences of government dependency. He described what sociologists call the underclass. Didn’t the liberal Daniel Patrick Moynihan warn about the rise in single-parent households? If Bundy truly ‘hated’ blacks he would be encouraging this very dependency…’

…But right on cue Sean Hannity denounced Bundy’s remarks: ‘His comments are beyond repugnant to me. They are beyond despicable to me. They are beyond ignorant to me….People that, for the right reasons, saw this case as government overreach — now are like, branded because of the ignorant, racist, repugnant, despicable comments of Cliven Bundy!’ Oh, please.

Racism. Racism. Racism. Water’s wet, sky’s blue, the media love outing white “bigots” — especially if they are male, old, Republican, Christian and — ideally — Southern. Even a Southerner who votes Democratic, like Paula Deen, will do nicely….

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Black Conservatives speaking up for Cliven Bundy when the usual suspects and even some of those tough talking Conservatives who apparently do suffer from an extreme case of which guilt are running for the nearest exits. God bless America….and honesty!!!!