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Before addressing the past week’s news events here in New York City, regarding Common Core testing and our public schools, since many parents are opting their children out of the Common Core tests to the disdain of big government and corporatists, note that the website United Opt Out was destroyed by hackers a few days ago. Screenshot below.


United Opt out site destroyed by hackers



United Opt Out is in the process or rebuilding its site but their Facebook page remains up and running, OPT OUT OF THE STATE TEST: The National Movement. Opt out forms are available at Truth in American Education.


In spite of efforts by bureaucrats to squash the massive tide of parents opting their children out of this year’s Common Core testing and sending the police to the door of parents who do[i] across the United States, parents across America are holding the line and opting their children out in overwhelming numbers.



As reported by the NYDN, at least 70% of students in three Brooklyn schools opted out of last week’s exams.

…In Brooklyn, three schools — PS 446 in Brownsville, Academy of Arts & Letters in Fort Greene, and the Brooklyn New School in Carroll Gardens — each had more than 70% of students opt out of the tests, according to the advocacy group NYCpublic.

In Manhattan, nearly 50% of students opted out at Hamilton Heights Elementary School and 75% didn’t take the tests at the Institute for Collaborative Education, said Jane Hirschmann of Time Out From Testing….


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