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#BoycottMozilla better yet #UninstallFirefox for caving to Gay Gestapo

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When you follow the link below you’ll see this is exactly the same technique OKCupid used to force Mozilla into terminating Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich.

The folks running Truth Revolt know a little something about Americans the geeks in Silicone Valley don’t….

TruthRevolt Blocks Mozilla to Protest Anti-Conservative Discrimination

‘The hypocrites who seek to bully and destroy the lives of those with whom they disagree must be held to their own standards of conduct.’

In response to the forced resignation of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich for his support of traditional marriage, TruthRevolt is blocking Mozilla Firefox from accessing its site….

Read full article – TruthRevolt Blocks Mozilla to Protest Anti-Conservative Discrimination


Last week’s Twitter uprising by Mozilla employees that resulted in the high-tech lynching of its CEO, Brendan Eich, reveals to us that Mozilla is out of touch with the rest of America. Moreover, they are evil.

Speaking of high tech lynchings, it should be noted that in 2008, not only did Barack Obama oppose same sex marriages; at least 70% of Black Americans and 50% of Hispanics in California voted in favor of Prop. 8.

Then are we to expect the Gay Gestapo to exact retribution on Blacks and Latinos as well? On the other hand, maybe they already have (on Blacks at least) by co-opting the Civil Rights movement. Gay Rights is NOT a Civil Right.

Cat out of the bag, these McCarthy-like bigots have sealed the deal yet again providing to the world another example of their intolerance and contempt for anyone who does not share their values or lack thereof.

And just to put the rest of us in our place, for the past several days, Firefox has been a disaster for anyone using the browser, which means that Mozilla’s employees sabotaged their own company’s creation. Now that should scare the hell out of the cowards at Mozilla who caved to the Gay Gestapo.



All of the above is the final nail in Mozilla’s coffin as far as I am concerned. I do not have to and will not take their bull.


screenshot mozilla firefox feedback since 04072012 to 04072014 30 day interval


Apparently, I am not alone because last Friday, “Mozilla Logged its Single Worst Day of Feedback Ever.”

… Mozilla publishes its feedback at the URL http://input.mozilla.org. The record dates back to April 2012. In that time, there has never been a single day in which the total number of negative comments exceeded 2,200 — until the ouster of Eich. On Friday, the day after the resignation, the number of negative comments was well over 7,000 with another 6,000 negatives on Saturday. The disapproval comment rating skyrocketed to over 90%….


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The Gay Gestapo will not tolerate other viewpoints. They act just like the state police in the Twilight Zone episode “The Obsolete Man”. Let Mozilla know that INTOLERANCE OF FREEDOM is not acceptable in our society. Uninstall Firefox and Boycott Mozilla to send the message. Share This image by social media with #boycottmozilla or #uninstallfirefox to help….

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Make your voice heard by signing the petition here, #boycottMozilla and share with them your feedback here.

P.S.: While I respect everyone’s decision to uninstall or not to install, allow me to share this little tidbit with you courtesy of @Iowahawkblog.



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