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CONSERVATIVE-WOMEN not welcome at feminist conference

Campus Reform

Campus Reform’s Katherine Timpf attended the National Young Feminist Leadership Conference (NYFLC) — an event which promised to be about ‘inclusivity’ and welcoming everyone — only to be told that “conservative” women were not welcome.

Timpf attempted to ask students’ their opinions on feminism, but conference organizers made an announcement advising participants not to talk to Campus Reform because it was a ‘conservative’ outlet.

The organizers also followed Timpf around the conference to interrupt her conversations with students to tell them the same thing….

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It is shocking to see how many of these young women little girls marionettes (from what I witnessed in the video, they have not earned the respect to be called a “woman”), went along with the program (and yes, I do mean program).

They lack the intellectual capability Progressives nudging them into submission and oppressing their ability to speak, think and act for themselves is the real war on women. H/t the Federalist Papers.