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Obama Verizon Share Everything Plan



For the past week, we have been inundated with news titles and articles such as White House unveils plan to end NSA’s bulk collection of phone data …, Obama to Call for End to N.S.A.’s Bulk Data Collection, White House plan would end NSA’s bulk collection of Americans’ phone data and Obama formally proposes end to NSA’s bulk collection of telephone data.

All of the spin from the White House down including Mike Roger’s dog and pony show is nothing more than business as usual, i.e., lies, lies and more lies as the tainted realities of the Obama administration go on forever.

Obama’s not so little game of bait and switch does not terminate bulk data collection; it TRANSFERS the location of where the bulk data collection will be held out of the possession of the NSA to Verizon who has agreed to become party to the NSA’s dirty work regardless of how unconstitutional their actions are against Americans.

According to Michigan Congressman Justin Amash, who voted against the End Bulk Collection Act in the House, the bill would expand data collection and the infringement upon our liberties.

Ben Swann

… ‘It actually expands the scope of collection, of unconstitutional collection. It is called the ‘End Bulk Collection Act.’ It is like we are in some dystopian future where government calls a bill something that has the opposite affect of what title is.’ says Rep. Amash….’

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