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Medea Benjamin Code Pink

Canada Free Press

Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin, a frequent teller of tall tales, claims she was detained and physically abused Monday by Egyptian authorities when she flew into Cairo’s airport –on her way to an anti-Israel rally in Gaza.

Benjamin, who has close ties to the Obama White House, was traveling to Egypt for a meeting with international delegates before a scheduled trip to Gaza for what Amy Goodman of ‘Democracy Now’ described innocuously as a ‘women’s conference.’

Hours later after being deported to Turkey, Benjamin said she had been held at the Cairo airport without explanation and violently handcuffed by Egyptian officials. While in Egyptian custody she took to Twitter to ask for help…..

Benjamin complained that Cairo officials assaulted her dislocated her shoulder and broke her arm before putting her on an airplane bound for somewhere in Turkey.

What is this Code Pink loon complaining about? She loved every minute.

A visit to Benjamin’s twitter page will reveal claims from this loon that brings the word “implausible” to mind.

Even if there were a trace of credibility to certain tweets (in particular the one above), could it be that Benjamin is not as important to the One as she believes herself to be (aka collateral damage). In that case, one would assume that someone was distancing himself or herself from the fray.

Typical Progressive. Not a word about the Christians being slaughtered in Egypt or anywhere in the Middle East for that matter.

As reported by PJ Media,

…Here’s what the mainstream media has failed to report in its coverage of Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin’s mad-tweets about being detained overnight in a Cairo holding cell.

According to Israel National News, the organization Stop the ISM has taken responsibility for getting Benjamin deported from Egypt:

The news wires were all abuzz today with the report that Medea Benjamin of Code Pink was deported from Egypt on trying to enter Gaza through the Rafah crossing. Stop the ISM, a division of DAFKA.org was responsible for this.

Upon learning that Benjamin was planning a trip to Gaza under the ruse of bringing lanterns to the Palestinian Arabs, our agency contacted the Egyptian embassy in Washington D.C. and alerted them to her plans. The result was Egyptian officials met her airplane when she arrived and immediately arrested her….

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Just prior to Benjamin’s arrival at Cairo Airport, the Egyptian government recognizing that Hamas is a threat to the country shuttered Hamas offices throughout Egypt in addition to banning all activity by the now designated terrorist group and seizing their assets.

Considering that the Egyptian government viewed the anti-Semite as a supporter of a terrorist movement, she is lucky she still has her head.

Finally, how is it that groups in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood have the audacity to refer to themselves as peace delegation?

It is impossible to have mercy for one as repugnant and scheming as Medea Benjamin but I take solace in the fact that every dog has its day.