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Charters work


The de Blasio administration has reversed three charter school co-locations that would have allowed Eva Moskowitz’s Success Academies to expand, even as it implements the vast majority of co-locations approved by the Bloomberg administration last fall.

Of the 45 co-location proposals that the Department of Education decided on today, including 19 charter schools and 26 district schools, just nine were reversed. All three of the charter-related reversals involved Success Academies.

Six district school co-locations were also reversed. The 45 proposals affect about 4,500 children….

The teachers’ union and de Blasio would say that it is all for the children, it is not. Bill de Blasio has a personal vendetta against Michael Bloomberg, Eva Moskowitz, founder of Success Academy and charter schools in general, all of whom are despised by UFT president, Michael Mulgrew and his membership.

Translation: The teacher’s union supported Sandinista Bill under the agreement that if elected, he would decimate charter schools.

Start by decimating the strongest, the best, and the schools that show the most promise and work your way down from there until all that remains are the devastated minds of youth are in shambles….
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