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Playing to Half-Empty Armory in Albany, Commie de Blasio Presses Universal Pre-K Agenda 03042014

New York Daily News

“‘We have built a movement over these last months and now this movement , it’s time for its crescendo,’ de Blasio told the boisterous crowd. ‘It’s time for it to be felt here in Albany….’

…‘I’ve said time and time again, asking those who’ve done very well, asking those who are wealthy, who make a half million or more to do just a little more so our children can succeed just a little more,’ he said. ‘That’s just plain fair….’”

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Sandinista Bill’s agenda ranks down there with “If you like your healthcare plan, you can you’re your healthcare plan.”

The efforts of Sandinista Bill in a half-full armory in Albany today, while it should not be underestimated, paled in comparison to Andrew Cuomo’s pro-charter school speech and the crowd of ten thousand plus crowd down the street at the pro-charter school rally.

As reported by the NYT,

“…Cuomo’s decision to speak at the rally brought the issue center stage, sapping some of the attention from Mr. de Blasio’s rally, and set up yet another political battle between the new mayor and the governor — one that might have wider national implications since the efficacy of charter schools is a subject of debate across the country….”

“debate across the country” – like Obamacare?

Cuomo did meet with de Blasio this afternoon for about an hour this afternoon. De Blasio described the meeting as “productive” but the two have yet to reach a resolution on de Blasio’s taxing the rich and universal pre-k agenda.


“‘I don’t want to get into the details of the private conversation I had with the governor,’ he said, noting the pair had covered a range of topics, including homelessness, HIV and AIDS services, Sandy recovery and hospitals–‘and of course we talked about pre-K and after-school.’

‘I would characterize it as a very productive meeting–obviously a long meeting. A productive meeting,’ he said….”

Commie Bill is such a B.S. artist.

While Progressives across the country have all eyes on the Communist experiment aka New York City, Republicans, minus the Progressive Republican establishment may very well have an opening here.

Are you paying attention, GOP?????

That being said, while I can’t stand Cuomo, de Blasio is despicable.