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MSM still MIA. Unless one considers Russia Today MSM. And NY Times wrote a piece –

“Nuclear Waste Repository Set to Reopen After Leak” Almost two weeks after an unexplained puff of radioactive materials forced the closing of a salt mine in New Mexico that is used to bury nuclear bomb wastes, managers of the mine are planning to send workers back in and are telling nearby residents that their health is safe….

Continue Reading – Waste Isolation Pilot Plant WIPP – New Mexico – Radiation leak – Update 2/26/14

WIPP Update Feb 27 2014 – 13 Employees Contaminated (excerpt)

“…Here’s the February 26, 2014 letter from the U.S. Department of Energy – Carlsbad Field Office, which provides oversight of the private contractor, Nuclear Waste Partnership, LLC, that currently manages and operates WIPP. Unfortunately, this letter raises many questions. Below are each of the paragraphs of the letter, followed by my questions and comments.

First Paragraph –

‘This morning (February 26), the 13 Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) employees that were on site the evening of February 14 were notified that they have tested positive for radiological contamination. Employees were notified within about 12 hours of the receipt of preliminary sample results….'”


See:  Waste Isolation Pilot Plant WIPP – New Mexico – Radiation leak – Update 2/28/14  and  Waste Isolation Pilot Plant WIPP – New Mexico – Radiation leak – Update 3/2/14